Seed Cylinders last longer and are the most convenient way to feed the birds.

The good news is you're going on vacation for a time of rest and relaxation. The not-as-good news, your birds are going to miss you, specifically, the reliable sources of food you provide.

We've made it easy for you to enjoy your well-earned time away without worrying about the birds you left behind. Seed Cylinders are the easiest, longest-lasting and most convenient way to feed the birds. Since the food lasts longer than most other seed options, you can set out a cylinder prior to leaving, and when you return, voila! Birds will still be visiting your feeders!

Seed Cylinders also provide longer views for you to enjoy when you're at home. Normally, with loose seed, birds will swoop in, grab a bite and take off. Seed Cylinders are tightly packed, so birds must stay longer to get a bite, providing longer looks at the birds and a few extra moments of enjoyment.

Whether you're heading out of town or just looking for a way to enjoy your birds more, Seed Cylinders are a great addition to any backyard. Shop our variety of Seed Cylinders and to learn how they can help the birds in your yard.